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How To Achieve Long Lasting Success In MLM
By: Claudia Apfelthaler

The best thing I seriously ever did was take Rebecca Fine?s Practical Geniuses Course, from The Science Of Getting Rich network. There I discovered my yearning of being a person that smiled a lot and was uplifting for others. Dang, I?m no teacher and seriously I never envisioned myself standing in front of a class full of curious kids, forcing them to learn boring formulas. No way.

For a while I had been eying the MLM scene. I had read about people making a fortune in MLM and I even was meeting them in seminars. I subscribed to Tim Sales newsletters and eagerly read Randy Gages articles and listened to his CD?s, ?How to become an MLM rock star?. The idea of MLM appealed to me, I had been toying with the idea in my cerebral area for quite some time. The thing that was holding me back was that the people who I?d met in my real down to earth life doing MLM were kind of losers. They certainly weren?t millionaires and they always bugging me to try out their product or sign up as a distributor. There was not a chance in hell or heaven that I was gonna be associated with that.

So lets get back to what I discovered about my passion for inspiring people. Inspiring people does not mean enthusing over a product or a system. Inspiring people means helping them to recognise their own dreams be they of spiritual and financial nature. Living by the word you spread is being an inspiration. Being a disciple of Wallace Wattles teachings I pictured myself working with motivated and inspired people.

As the Law of Attraction would have it I met a real MLMer who is living the life of the rich and famous. Dear Alfred Luckerbauer became my friend and mentor, he was the one that enabled me to see a great future for myself in the business without running after anyone. Now I know how I can inspire and pass on uplifting information to people without hassling them.

What has MLM got to do with being an inspiration for others you may ask. The point is it has everything to do with it. If your?e not in a position to see the light and opportunity, you won?t be able to inspire yourself let alone others. We are all know that MLM is a people business but rather than seeing yourself recruiting people for your downline ( I really dislike that word, it should be changed to growth partner or something because that word downline is what gets people thinking about weird things like MLM being a pyramid scheme so I shall refer to the downline as my growth partners from now on).

In your minds eye see people as potential growth partners who you are helping to get what they want. To achieve success in this branch wish every one well. See them attaining great success because if your growth partners don?t achieve success then neither will you. Stop thinking of them as ?losers? if they don?t sponsor anyone. Care about your growth partners, feel for them and wish them the best of success at all times. This must be a genuine feeling, not just impatient and superficial ?Common let?s get moving? attitude.

I?m learning all the time, everyday is a new experience for me. I?ll admit I?m having more luck than I did before. That probably also has to do with my new attitude. Lady Luck doesn?t just land on your shoulder. She is like a shy bird, watching you put the food out in the winter. She knows you are there with the goodies. She wants to come but you have to either walk away and watch her eat your offerings from the window or sit very still and you will literally have her eating out of your hand.

Claudia Apfelthaler manifested her poor self into her rich self by paying attention to the Universal laws of attraction. Of all the things she at least expected, was to get involved with MLM. This prooved for her to be profitable and a lot of fun.. She loves people and really enjoys helping them see beyond the mere physical appearances of any situation. She can be visited around the clock at