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Questions From Agents

In this section I will attempt to answer any of your Cognigen based questions.  Just send them to me at

Our first question is from Jessica B. in Arlington, VA

I have heard a lot about placing adsence ads on my web page.  What do you think of the idea.

Jessica, that's a great question.  You have to understand that when adsence ads are placed on your website, they will, most probably be related to your website.  What that means is that they may be in direct competition with what you are selling.  Is this what you want?


Our next question is from Michele F. in Delray Beach, FL

Are business cards really that necessary?

Michele, think of business cards as the cheapest form of advertising you can have.  You now own a business of your own, you need to let as many people as you can know about it.  Business cards are your way of doing that without spending a lot of money. 

You can buy business cards from many sources.  When I first started I got them online from  .  You can also join as an affiliate.

Business cards can be used in many ways.  Put one in every bill that you pay, leave them with a tip in restaurants and bars, hand one to everyone you meet, leave them on restroom sinks, place them in envelopes when you give a Christmas gift to service people, tack them up on bulletin boards.  I'm sure that you can think of many other ways to use them.

So to answer your question, yes, yes, yes.


Next question is from Jonathan W. in Chicago, IL

Mel, I've been with Cognigen for over four months and haven't gotten anyone under me. How long should it take to develop a downline?

Oh boy, what a great question. Remember the song, "I Never Promised You A Rose Garden"? I guess that depends on how old you are. Well, if anyone promises you instant success in any online marketing business they are liars. Cognigen, like any legitimate business opportunity takes time. It takes time to develop customers and it takes time to develop a downline. I have found that your best distributors come from your customers. A satisfied customer will want to tell all the people they know about what they have found.

Also, how many of our products are YOU using. Are you your best customer? Who do you have your long distance with? When you need a new cell phone, where will you get it? Do you have a calling card from your business? If you don't use your own products, how in the world can you expect anyone else to, or for that matter, join you in your business.

So to answer your question, I have no idea. It all depends on you. Are you using your own products? Are you telling everyone you know how great the company is.  Are you handing out your business cards to everyone you know?  (See previous question) When you are at a gathering with other people ask them what they do and they will automatically ask you what you do. Next week I will discuss what to say in that situation. Remember, building a downline, like building a house, can't be done overnight.  What are you doing to promote your Cognigen business.


Our next question is from Harriet G. in Boca Raton, FL.

I read how you feel about placing AdSense ads on our websites, how do you feel about affiliates?

Harriet, how do you feel about making money? Aside form being able to help a lot of people make lot of money, we are in Cognigen to make money. Allowing major online companies to place links on your site with your affiliate code in them, is a great way to increase your income. Many companies offer an affiliate program. Pick the stores that you already shop in, on line, and check them out for affiliate programs., Barnes and Noble, Petsmart and many others offer these programs. What happens is that each time someone goes to your website and clicks on an affiliate link, and buys something, you get a commission. Got to be the easiest money you will ever make.


This question came all the way from California.

I have a customer that wants to become an agent.  I don't feel that I know enough about the business to be able to help her.  What should I do?

The beauty of joining Cognigen is that there is always someone to help you. I am usually on line in the afternoon and early evening and would love to help both you and your new agent. Remember one important thing, we, you and I, don't make any money until we help our agents make money. Also, get familiar with the products that we sell. Use your back office for that. There are all sorts of information that you can download and read. So, bottom line, sign her up and point her in the right direction, to her back office, to me to our bulletin board.  Also, tell them to send me an email requesting to be added to this mailing list.  Send the email to:



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