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Why People Fail at Network Marketing
By: Carlton Calhoun

When I first heard about this industry, I was what we in the business call a "skeptic." Well, to be honest, I was more of a cynic. I new nothing about the industry or the values and in all of my wisdom would swear up and down that this industry was a scam and that it did not work. Well, that was years ago and since my cynical and skeptical days, I have joined an opportunity and I have experienced a great deal of success in this industry. However, it did not happen overnight. I had to be willing to take the "risk", undergo the training and become a professional in this business. As such, that is the lesson of the day ? Becoming a Professional in Network Marketing.

The reason I want to focus on becoming a professional is because there is a huge difference in the pay for professionals and amateurs in ANY profession or field. For instance, take a glimpse on what amateur athletes receive when compared to professional athletes. It?s a no-brainer (a Network Marketing technical term, by the way!). Did you know that the average salary for a professional baseball player in 2006 was $2.7 Million?! The minimum salary for a major league baseball player is $380,000! These individuals spend a great deal of time training. Do you blame them? If someone told you without a shadow of a doubt that if you were willing to train properly, they would pay you $400,000/year, would you be willing to learn? Well, in our industry, just as in professional sports, if you are willing to train properly and become a professional, you can be paid as a professional athlete!

Sadly, when most think of an industry such as Network Marketing, where average and ordinary people are provided the opportunity to become extraordinary individuals and make the same type of money, sometimes even more, than a professional baseball player, most people are not willing to endure the training necessary to become a professional. Yet, they do not know why they fail! You then read skewed articles and press reports saying how the industry is a scam and does not work. You read stats that say things such as "90% of all networkers fail at the business and never make their investment back." Yes, this is true, but did you know that even more fail at professional sports, entertainment, and so on? Those statistics probably apply to ALL professions. You know why? Most people are not willing to be stubborn long enough to get the proper training to become successful. If you remember nothing else about this article, remember this. Network Marketing is a business just as any other professional industry. If you are willing to train long enough to become a professional, including personal development, there are professional rewards at the end of your journey.

When you get discouraged, remember that major league baseball players who are in the Hall of Fame failed 70% of the time. Batting .300 consistently, or failing only 7 out of 10 times at bat will put you in the Hall of Fame in baseball. Not everyone gets the opportunity to play professional sports, but anyone can take a chance at Network Marketing! Are you willing to be trained and become a professional?

To your success!

Carlton Calhoun is a professional network marketer, trainer, speaker and web designer. He is the majority owner of Bizarro Creations, Inc. and is involved with a very successful network marketing organization.

Carlton Calhoun holds an MA in Educational Leadership from Touro University International and a BS in Mathematics from Clark Atlanta University.